Eliminating cash

Eliminating cash at events and festivals leads to faster transactions and increased revenues while decreasing risks both for consumers and organizers. Eliminating cash handling can help decrease costs while it enables the transparency of elements of the value chain.


Extensive partnership
from the beginning

We can offer to our partners not just a simple POS placement, but End to End business solutions including project management, detailed implementation planning, on site customer support and detailed real time reporting.

Unique POS terminals

HelloPay POS terminals are specially designed for events and Horeca sector (water and dust resistant) offering 2 in 1 solution:

1. Media screen for event and info communication.

2. Access to our unique tip slider system, which helps the visitors to set the right tip amount on the screen. Simple, easy and intuitive customer journey.

3. Direct TIP: In the Hungarian taxation system, thanks to our unique solution, we can transfer tips recieved with bank cards directly to the waiter entirely free of VAT and any other contributions. Using our system, the tip does not even have to be entered into the cash register, thus, it does not provide a base to VAT nor does it counts as revenue.

HelloPay POS terminals accepting Mastercard, Maestro contactless payment, Visa PayWave and mobile phone payment.


Extra income


Fast, safe and simple

HelloPay band or card is the perfect alternative for locations and event sites with weak mobile coverage where online transactions are not feasible. HelloPay cards and bands use offline balance ensured by Mifare Plus X technology, one of the safest solution on the market. Visitors can register their cards or bands in the HelloPay application, so their balance can be transferred to other cards which greatly increases security.

Our HelloPay card and backend system is capable to handle different loyalty mechanism, like couponing, point collection and other tailor-made promotional activities. The coupon redemption is available on HelloPay terminals or NFC capable mobile phones. Consumers can track their coupons on the HelloPay website.


End to end solutions

Our POS machines can be integrated with FruitSys software or with our own customizable restaurant system which can further improve the speed of servicing. In Horeca sector our strategic partner is Fruitsys and for events our android based double screen solution can lead to up to 10% revenue increase due to faster transactions. The product offering can be customized on terminal level, and detailed reporting is available too.


Our admin interface available to our partners where they can find real time data (transactions, tip, etc) on terminal/store/company level. With the help of these data customer journeys, heatmaps, basket values or in case of integrated solution even consumption trends can be generated.


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