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We contract to accept the following types of credit cards

Our solutions

POS/Debit card acceptance

Choose HelloPay's integrated payment solutions and take the success of your services to the next level! Choose from our credit card acceptance terminals with no initial costs and no loyalty period. 

Innovative tipping solutions

HelloPay customer terminals give guests access to our unique tipping system, which allows them to easily determine the desired tip amount and add it to the bill without direct communication with the service staff.

WeChat Pay acceptance

WeChat Pay acceptance is a relevant, reliable and sought-after payment solution for Chinese tourists. Its introduction provides a revenue-generating service that appeals to new customers, with the same transparent settlement logic as credit card acceptance.

Quick pay

Users present their WeChat payment code to the merchant. Merchants scan the code to accept the payment.

QR code payment

Users open the WeChat app to scan the code, confirm the amount, and complete the payment after security checks.

MINI programme payment

Users pay for products or services in the Mini Program created by WeChat.

1.2 billion users

Hundreds of millions of users worldwide every day. WeChat Pay is one of the most popular payment methods in China.

Cross-border settlement

It supports settlement between major foreign currencies. Customers pay in CNY, but the transaction is settled in EUR.

356 billion dollars

By 2025, it is estimated that Chinese tourists will spend $365 billion in-app.

WeChat Mini program

WeChat is a tourism service aimed at Chinese tourists travelling here.

Support / operation

Technical support for merchant partners is an important part of HelloPay's full range of services. Our support team supports our partners via our call centre in the 0-24 period, and in case of a malfunction, we are available in Budapest within 3 hours and provide immediate technical solutions.

Data provision / reporting

Our service partners can use our admin interface to get up-to-date, accurate information on transactions by terminal, counter or business unit.

HelloPay card/wristband

The HelloPay card or wristband not only allows faster and more secure payments, but also offers an alternative to offline payments in areas poorly covered by mobile networks. For customers who need the service, cashless operation is a fast and convenient solution. Thanks to the technology used, it is one of the safest and most secure solution on the market. 


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